The experts within Re-Steel’s Detailing and Project Management Department play a pivotal role in helping move a project from the design phase to the construction phase. Skilled at both communication and drafting, our detailers actively work with designers and field personnel to make every job run smoothly.

Re-Steel detailers decipher engineering drawings and the list of rebar needed for a project and work directly with fabricators to ensure that all the specifications are met and the correct quantities of rebar are delivered to the job site on time. They also use aSa CAD/Microstation and Shear 97/AutoCAD systems to produce high quality rebar placement drawings. These drawings provide ironworkers at job sites with instructions for the quantity, size, length, and placement of reinforcing bars.

For more information, please contact:
Annis Drozd:
610.876.8216 (ext. 246)

Careers in Detailing
If you’re looking for a dynamic and rewarding career opportunity that requires basic drafting skills and excellent communication prowess, please contact Human Resources at 610.876.8216 ext. 211 or for more information.