Coated Bar

Over time, rebar that is exposed to deicing salts or marine environments can corrode. An epoxy coating protects reinforcing steel bars from corrosive conditions. Epoxy coated rebar is ideal for bridges, parking structures, pavement, marine structures, and repair work.

Re-Steel’s epoxy coating facility, Corrosion Control, Inc. has the capacity to meet your needs. Strategically located next to a major steel mill of reinforcing steel, our downstream operation coats rebar in large volumes at an impressive rate.  However, since we don’t believe in sacrificing quality over quantity, we have an Epoxy Coating Certification from the Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute (CRSI) that we strictly adhere to.

As a certified epoxy plant by CRSI, our employees are trained, equipped, and competent at producing epoxy coated rebar that exceeds ASTM’s standard specifications. Areas evaluated in CRSI’s stringent certification program include:

  • Quality control policies and procedures
  • Handling and storage practices
  • Curing
  • Holiday testing
  • Thickness measurement
  • Adhesion testing


Enhance the lifespan of rebar with epoxy coating.

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