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Stainless Steel
Re-Steel Supply Company is an approved fabricator of stainless steel rebar. We carry many different grades, types, and sizes. We also stock a large inventory of lengths up to 40-0 and can custom fabricate per your project needs.

The use of stainless steel rebar in construction projects is growing rapidly due to its 75 to 100 year life expectancy. The non-magnetic property of austenitic stainless steel grades is well suited for military, medical, and scientific applications. Duplex stainless steel grades are recommended for bridges, sea walls, and parking structures.

Re-Steel Supply Company has fabricated stainless steel rebar for many notable projects. Some of our most iconic projects include the Woodrow Wilson Bridge in Alexandria VA, The Driscoll Bridge in Sayreville, NJ and Willis Avenue Bridge in Bronx, NY.

ChromX9100 and ChromX 4100
Re-Steel is an approved fabricator and distributor of ChromX9100,  ChromX2100 and ChromX 4100 grade 100 reinforcing steel. Both high-strength steel products meet ASTM A1035 specification. Re-Steel has a large inventory of ChromX9100, ChromX2100 and ChromX 4100 in stock at all times in lengths up to 60 feet.

ChromX9100 rebar is made from a corrosion resistant alloy, primarily manufactured from recycled scrap, that doesn’t need an epoxy coating. Due to its high-yield strength and resistance to corrosion, ChromX9100 is often the required rebar product of choice for many DOT jobs nationwide. ChromX9100 is recommended for highways, high-rise buildings, and sea walls.

ChomX 4100 is a cost-effective rebar product that can be used for high-strength applications when high corrosion resistance is not a requirement. Due to ChromX 4100’s 100 ksi yield strength and high ductility, structures can be designed and built with up to 40% less steel.

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